The First Year

8 weeks

This Program focuses on the first 12 months after baby comes home.

We'll cover feeding routine, the importance of being as relaxed as possible to both breastfeed or bottle feed and which hormones are released in Both parents when you feed your baby.

We'll discuss the benefits of skin-to-skin contact.

We'll cover sleeping arrangements and discuss SIDS risks.

Everything from room and bathing temperatures to best routine for baby, to Baby Lead Parenting, will be covered.

We'll then progress to teething, weaning methods and I'll show you all my tips and tricks to life with a baby under 1 years old.

We'll touch on contraception and how to keep your relationship alive with a baby in tow.

I've got 5 kids of my own and know how important it is to set aside some time for the other parent in your couple.

We will start with a Free consultation over the phone to assess if everyone involved feels comfortable working together, then we'll run through some questionnaires together and then we'll be all good to go.

 Each week you'll receive a care package containing some things which will aid your new life as a parent, products for baby to use as they grow, info sheets on all aspects covered in the course, Dating cards, baby massage pointers, and much more.

You will also have access to our facebook group so course members can support each other.

Each participant on the course will have full access to me by email for any help you might need, but each week I'll also be holding a live Q&A session.

This program aims to set you up for success, because life can be tough with a baby.

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