Bump to Birth Course

8 weeks

Think of this program as Antenatal classes in a box.

This course is an in depth look at pregnancy and the immediate post birth adjustment to parenthood.

We will discuss all the weird and wonderful symptoms caused by pregnancy.

We'll discuss the 3 stages of pregnancy and where your little one is at in their journey towards the outside world.

We'll discuss the importance of having good support around you, being a new parent is not always easy and I will go over the signs to look out for regarding postnatal depression.

We'll go over your options for birth and pain relief And I'll also talk briefly about what it's like to experience a birth that doesn't go to plan and what it's like having a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit.

After having all 5 of my babies in NNICU it's important for me to take some of the unknown away from the situation should it need to happen for you.

We'll discuss post birth symptoms, feeding choices and schedules for baby.

Some parents prefer Baby Lead parenting and others prefer a more rigid schedule.

We'll cover much more which I can disclose in our first FREE consultation. I don't charge for this as it's important for Us all to spend some time seeing if we'd fit well together and so I can establish how best to help.

As well as all the course materials, you'll receive 8 care packages containing products for Mummy, Daddy and Baby.

You'll also receive full email support and access to the members only facebook group.

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